The Pit

The Pit Game

The Pit is a work in progress game experiment that I’m building in Unity for Mac, PC and Linux. I started it in May 2015 and I created a personal blog to chronicle my progress. The aim has been to learn Unity with a hands-on approach by problem solving and implementing an idea I had thought up a few months earlier.

Unity supports Javascript and initially I had written the code in that language but later switched over to C# as I preferred the strict syntax and it was easier to follow the Unity Documentation examples.

I have learned so much about Unity especially with the Audio Engine which, since version 5 has received a load of new features and I was able to put my Music and Sound Technology Degree to good use. I feel like I’ve been ahead of the curve in Unity audio development because my game uses non-traditional audio setup. This meant that I’ve really had to put the time in to solve some audio issues I was having.

Will the game will be released for free sometime in 2016.


I have been interested in games since the early nineties when we owned a family computer – the Amiga 500. Later on I got into devising text adventure games in QBasic and later, DarkBasic. Much later on in 2008 I was involved with a national games competition hosted in Brighton called Dare to be Digital in which I spent 10 weeks working on an audio puzzle game.