School for Creative Startups

School for Creative Startups Redesign

From 2011 to 2015 School For Creative Startups was a privately funded course teaching business skills and hands-on training to 100 startups.

The original website designed in 2010, (pictured below) was very outdated and lacked mobile support.

School for Creative Startups Original Site


I started with a complete review of the site looking at each page and determining our best content and then worked closely with a freelance digital designer to create wire-frames and user journeys.

My extensive knowledge of WordPress allowed me to create an elegant back end solution with Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Types allowing the staff at School for Startups to add and modify content blocks when needed. On pages where we had gallery based content I built an interactive sorting and searching filter using custom WordPress queries.


School for Creative Startups Redesign Filters