Nginx Devops

2 years ago I was working as a Systems Engineer at The Moving Picture Company which involved building, repairing and installing CentOS servers and workstations and providing software support. A lot of this involved working in the data centre and running bash scripts. I learnt a huge amount of valuable skills not only on the command line but with supporting over 300 artists daily.

While there I wrote a PHP software license library for the production staff to provision licenses on workstations. This was eventually rolled out for use in their international facilities.

For the past two years I’ve been building Wordpress websites for School for Startups and I recently took the position as the Senior Developer. I work across the full stack ranging from initial design to build and deployment.

Initially we had a LEMP stack consisting of 16 AWS servers, numerous legacy servers and code libraries and a fragmented Nginx system. It was an expensive mess!

Alongside my main development priorities I spent a year re-architecting the systems, archiving and consolidating 16 AWS servers down to 3 and migrating everything over to Digital Ocean with very little downtime. I rewrote all the Nginx rules, updated security and created an S3 backup script for nightly database dumps. I also set up a server with Redmine for us to manage bugs and feature requests.