Bristol Blueprint

In April 2016 I started working on a personal project called Bristol Blueprint- a platform to document my curiosity and exploration of a number of interesting buildings around Bristol, particularly those that are forgotten, abandoned or in a state of change. The website is built on WordPress and used Advanced Custom Fields alongside a custom implementation of Google Maps API.

Rapid prototyping

I wanted to build the site as quickly as possibly while maintaining standards (responsive front end, maintainable back end) and went for a minimal but informative UI showcasing DIN as the main font of choice. Part of the reason for working quickly was so I could spend less time developing and more time taking pictures in hope to see other interesting sites before they disappeared.

My ultimate plan for the project is to collaborate with a front-end designer to produce an interactive, visually pleasing experience and explore the capabilities of Mapbox Studio.

Building in unique features

bb_orientationOften on map based photo sites, like Flickr geocoding it’s not always clear to see the orientation of the photo when it was taken and I found that it would be an important addition to the usability of the site. My solution was to encode each gallery image with a lng/lat co-ordinate and a marker icon. I did this by creating a number of repeater fields for galleries each with a basic select dropdown to choose an icon direction. I used jQuery to attach a function to the image slider callback which would change the icon image if it differed from the last icon.