Recent Commercial Experience

Bristol Pride

An exciting website with a strong emphasis on displaying and filtering current events. The build involved planning and crafting an intuitive admin experience with Timber and ACF to ensure that the festival planning was as smooth as possible.

Alpine Garden Society

A comprehensive e-commerce website with a private account area, member discounting and single sign on features. Built with WooCommerce Subscriptions and Memberships.

Wilmore iles architects

I built a lot of the templates for this site including a reactive and filterable student accommodation finder. Written with Timber, Vue JS and the WordPress REST API.


A WordPress website utilising advanced Gravity Forms and Zapier integrations built with Flexbox, Timber and Twig.


A complex, filterable coffee directory, built with the WordPress REST API, Vue JS and assembled with WP CLI, Timber, Twig and Google Maps.


An accessible website with a custom text size magnifier and license platform authentication with WordPress. Built with Vue JS, WordPress REST API, Timber and Twig.

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Personal Projects

My Ethical Life

I am co-creating a website to make life easier when it comes to choosing cruelty free, planet friendly products.

Bristol Open Doors 2018

I worked directly with The Architecture Centre to produce an updated version of the interactive map from 2017. I improved the styling and JS functionality and built a GeoJson formatter using WordPress REST API. Used by 8000 users.

Bristol Doors Open Days 2017

I converted a PDF handout for the Bristol Doors Open Days 2017 event into an interactive web app using Leaflet JS, GeoJson and CSS. Promoted by The Architecture Centre and used by over 1000 users.

Semplice PDF Plugin

I built a WordPress plugin for illustrator Tommy Parker to allow you to select and download images as a PDF. Built with PHP, AJAX and CSS.

Unity Game Development

I've spent a few years learning C# and the Unity Engine to create an experimental audio game called 'The Pit'.

In the Community

Bristol WordPress People Meetup Talk

I gave a talk about Actions and Filters in Wordpress on 6th June 2018.

Attendee at WordCamp and Contributor Day

I have attended 3 WordCamps so far - Bristol 2017 & 2019 and Edinburgh 2018. I captioned videos at contributor day for WordCamp 2019.

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